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Amalgam removal

Amalgam contains mercury, one of the most lethal metals. It is important that the remediation is carried out at the highest safety level, both patient and personnel are provided with protective equipment.

This is our standard for amalgam removal:

  • Kofferdam: isolates the oral cavity from the tooth.
  • Oxygen during treatment to prevent the body's uptake of mercury.
  • Special drills for safe removal of the amalgam.
  • Detox treatment of oral cavity using Chlorella algae.
  • 3 special suction systems to prevent the absorption of toxins.
  • Air system that supplies us with 2200 liters of fresh air per second.

After the safe amalgam remediation, we recommend the intake of carbon tablets as well as Chlorella vulgaris and also the detox supplement (according to Dr. Nischwitz).