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Dental lasers help us to carry out many treatments painlessly and are really good for preparing teeth for filling, and permit painless and blood-free periodontitis treatments.

Treatment of herpes and mouth ulcers

Oral herpes is a commonly-occurring virus infection. Primary herpes or the first outbreak most frequently comes in adolescence and is most often the largest outbreak with a number of sores both in and around the mouth. Herpes is only contagious through active blisters and sores.

When the herpes has healed, the virus remains in the body. Some people never have any further problems, while others regularly have fresh outbreaks. When an outbreak is in progress, a person who has herpes can recognise it again by symptoms swelling or pain one or two days before it appears with fluid-filled blisters that then burst quickly and form sores. Herpes blisters are almost always painful and if there are several close together can spread and form larger sores in or around the mouth. The time for untreated herpes to heal is generally a good week.

Early treatment by medical laser or anti-viral medication can prevent the herpes blisters forming. If painful blisters have appeared, treatment by medical laser can speed up healing and reduce discomfort. Those who suffer from recurrent herpes should treat the blisters at every outbreak and thus achieve longer intervals between outbreaks.

Mouth ulcers are painful blisters in the mouth in the movable mucous membrane on the inside of the cheek, the tongue and the gums. The biological mechanisms behind mouth ulcers are not known and there is no treatment at present that cures mouth ulcers and prevents them from recurring. Treatment of mouth ulcers with a medical laser relieves symptoms and contributes to faster healing. Those who have frequently recurring mouth ulcers should use a toothpaste without foaming agents (sodium lauryl sulphate) and take Vitamin B12 supplements which can provide relief for some people.

We use A.R.C Laser Fox 514 for treatment of herpes and mouth ulcers.