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DDS. Dentist. Implantologist.

Maria completed her dentistry studies in 2004 and opened her first clinic, Veneer, in Stockholm in 2007. She founded Mirala Clinic in 2015.

Maria offers everything from general dentistry to complicated implant operations and amalgam removal and has several years of successful experience behind her. She lectures also for next generation’s specialists within implantology across the world. Maria focus on biological dentistry.

Maria has a long experience of aesthetic treatment focused on fillers. Her vast experience makes her a skillful and thorough dentist. Her goal with all treatments is to find a balance with the patient’s age and looks in order to create a natural and healthy look as possible.

DDS. Dentist.

Gustav completed his dentistry studies in 2009 and worked at Folktandvården in Timrå for 2 years. In 2011, Gustav moved to Stockholm and continued at Folktandvården where he was was a supervisor for newly graduated dentists. In 2014, he started and managed his own clinic. Gustav manages all types of general dentistry and manage both easier and more complex dental work.

Teeth and mouth are part of the body and Gustav always tries to understand the total picture of the health with great patience. Any pain in connection with stress or in the neck can be connected to the function of the bite and Gustav has a wide knowledge of how mouth and body affect each other. Gustav continues to educate himself and follows the latest research.

DDS. Dentist.

Sousan performs her treatments in a humble, caring and careful way. She has a particular interest in aesthetic dentistry and master aesthetic techniques using both ceramics and composite. Sousan has always the patient's needs in focus, and is very careful to listen and individualize the treatment according to the patient's needs and wishes.

Sousan started her dental career at the University of Oslo in 2012 and did a scientific work on how the teeth and parts of the hormonal system in the body are linked. In addition to Norway, Sousan has also worked as a general dentist at Folktandvården Skåne where she has helped many patients to get new healthy and beautiful teeth.

Dental hygienist specialized in odontological prophylaxis. Phiolology graduate.

Natalja completed her dental hygienist education at Karolinska Institutet in 2010. Since then she has worked at Folktandvården for many years.

She is humble and thorough and listens to the needs of her patients. She makes sure your teeth and gums are healthy.

Dental nurse.

Pavlina has 20 years of experience as a dental nurse at several dental clinics in Stockholm. She has long experience which is a vital part of the clinic’s competence.

Trust and communication with patients are vital for her. She is very cooperative and flexible and is happy to work both by herself but also in the team. Pavlina has been at Mirala Clinic and worked with Maria Gibsand for 7 years. Together they have made many successful treatments.

Dental nurse

Zila is a caring, positive and happy dental nurse who, despite her short time in the profession, has gained great experience by working with many different patient groups with different treatment needs. Zila has previously worked at Folktandvården.

Dental hygienist / Dental nurse

Johanna works to promote dental health for patients and enjoys the patient contact she receives at Mirala Clinic. She is initiative and social and likes to challenge herself when she gets the chance and believes that personal development is important. At Mirala she feels that there are development opportunities as well as opportunities to work closely with colleagues. The coming summer, Johanna is taking her dental hygiene degree and she has previously worked at Folktandvården.


Hannah is our professional receptionist and administrator and is usually your first contact with the clinic. She responds to all mail and phone calls and helps you when you visit Mirala.

Dental technician and Oral Designer.

We cooperate with Oral Design Austria, one of the most prestigious dental technicians in Europa. They maintain a very high standard. Our main contact person is Shahab Esfarjani.

He has worked for more than 30 years as a dental technician and has the world as his field within oral design. He is today CEO of Oral Design Austria and has also started EDC Dental Concept where he coaches laboratories and industries within dental technic.
Read more about Oral Design at www.oraldesign.org.