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Biological dental care

Biological dental care make sure that metals and especially when there are different metals, that can cause longtime reactions/allergies does not interact with the human body. There are evidence based studies showing that metals in the mouth and their physical effect (galvanism/corrosion) is linked to the chronical and inflammatory deceases. The immune system can coop with this for a period of time but in the end, it will collapse and clinical symptoms will be relevant.

Before Quicksilver was widely used in dental care but it took decades to realize the adverse effects it had. We don’t use any metal in the mouth. We use metal free restorable material such as Zirconia and Ceramic. The number of patients with chronical deceases are growing rapidly and there are more and more studies that show a link between the mouth and the overall health of the patient (metals, chronical infections in the leg, dental roots being treated in paradontit).

We monitor the levels of vitamins in our patients and we recommend any additives if needed.

Vitamin D lacks in 50–90% of the population, especially in areas with limited sunexposure such as Scandinavia. D-vitamin is necessary and relevant for a successful bone regeneration (implant, bone growth), immune system (cancer, diabetes, MS, osteoporosis etc.) and may be cause of depression. Are you lacking D-vitamin we help you.

C-vitamin is very important for the gum and by so plays a vital role for the immune system. It oplas a vital role in repair of tissue and helps antioxidative stress.

Holistic view

We use only biological products such as L-PRF (blood concentration from the patient) to accelerate wound healing and stabilize tissue without using any material that can cause adverse reactions such as antibiotics.

We offer a warm, caring and friendly atmosphere at the clinic with minimal pain.

With this method we create a treatment free of stress and anxiety.

At Mirala Clinic we use the latest technical equipment, knowledge and sustainable material.