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General dentistry

To have regular check ups at a dentist is the cornerstone of good and sustainable oral health.

We at Mirala Clinic offer a dental examination where we do proper and careful control of your dental situation. The panoramic X-ray image (OPG) is an important tool to get a better overview of both jaws and to diagnos any imageable hidden dental diseases.

Together we discuss which treatment soulutions that works best for you and design both a therapy plan and a cost proposal that you get with you home.

Do you need time for annual check up, inspection or help with a single problem?

We will be happy to help you with both large and small and with us you are cared for with safe hands in a calm environment.


  • A very effective method of replacing damaged teeth and accommodating a new tooth. The treatment allows the dentist to prepare the tooth to enable space for the new crown. Then the job is handed to the dental technician who manufactures the crown to the shape and color that corresponds to your other teeth. Our crowns are made of porcelain.


  • If you have an old filling that is fractured or cavities caused by caries, one may need to restore the tooth situation to normal with a filling. We are one of Stockholm's most modern clinics and constantly strive to create such a safe and quiet environment as possible. As a patient you are informed throughout the treatment process about what is happening, the communication between you and the dentist should always be straight and clear so that you feel safe and well informed about the treatment alternatives.


  • A bridge comprises several teeth and is an alternative to restore lost teeth when missing. It replaces and fill the function of the real teeth.

Root Canal Filling

  • If the dental nerve is inflamed, there are two alternatives, either removing the tooth or the root canal. For us, it is important that you can understand the options available and choose the treatment that feels right for you. If you choose the root canal treament the dentist will remove the tooth's internal soft tissue and then fill the root canal. There are many different methods for making a root canal and there is no conclusive research that shows one way is better than the other. To root a tooth usually does not hurt and you get anesthetic if needed. We use natural Gutta-percha in combination with ZinkOxide for root canals.


  • If you need to see the dentist ASAP for a dental emergency, Please call to make an appointment.

Dental hygienist

  • Schedule a good investment in your oral health at the dental hygienist! The treatment includes careful tartar removal and a proper assessment of gums and oral health. Our dental hygienist uses ultrasound for removal of tartar and AirFlow which with the help of a blister removes discoloration. Last but not least, the treatment ends with a polish which gives a fresh and pleasant feeling.