We know all about dentistry and aesthetics

Aesthetic dentistry

Your smile plays a big part in the first impression and we can easily help you to improve it so that you feel confident and dare to laugh. read more under Tooth Whitening or Veneers. We can give you a Hollywood smile. Pamper yourself with a fantastic smile after our cosmetic dental care.


  • Veneers or dental facades are ultra-thin ceramic restorations that are attached to the tooth surface. Veneers has become very popular as many want to get a "Hollywood smile". The patient is able to see a preview in the form of an acrylic model before the treatment is performed. You can expect a steady, aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting result!

No-prep veneers

  • If you have spaces, gaps or small teeth, then No-prep veneers can be for you. No-prep veneers are made of porcelain that is cemented to the tooth surface. The treatment is made in two sittings, we take impressions of your teeth to make a mold that the dental technichan uses for designing your new smile individually adapted to your bite. For your second visit, your dentist will place your veneers to ensure the fit is just right before permanent placement and when you given your approval the veeners is placed permanently. Our obvious goal of the treatment is to, with the most modern technology in the market, exercise such gentle and professional care as possible and achieve outstanding results. At the end you should be able to go home with a really big, fresh and beautiful smile.


  • Whitening is a technique for giving teeth a whiter color and a young and healthy appearance. Gel (Peroxide) is placed on the tooth and a special lamp light is used to make the bleaching more efficient. The gel binds the dye molecules and transports it out through small dental ducts (dentine ducts). Whitening takes place in several sessions and the patient has the opportunity to gradually see the result. After treatment, the patient should avoid drinking black tea, coffee, cola, red wine or other colored beverages or foods such as peppers, curry and ketchup for a week. This helps to prolong the life of the result. Our Whitening is very gentle on the tooth.